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Inertial Navigation

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The InterNav® GPS/inertial software product provides an open architecture solution for system or platform integrators to embed customized inertial navigation solutions into their core systems.  Through the open architecture adopted, a variety of different vendors' inertial measurement units (IMUs) can be used and aiding can be applied from either commercial or military GPS receivers or from alternative sensors to allow PNT services to continue in the absence of GPS observations.

Network Assisted PNT


NAVSYS is a pioneer in developing Network Assisted PNT solutions and fielded the first mobile cell-phone network-assisted system, LocatorNet, which is now on display in the Smithsonian Institution.  NAVSYS provides network-assisted solutions for aiding military GPS receivers to acquire signals in a GPS jammed environment (NavWarrior), distributing PNT data to multiple sensors from a common source (PNT Hub), and providing back-up navigation using RF-aiding from the networked radios when GPS signals are unavailable (DiNO-Pos).

Simulation and Test


NAVSYS Signal Architect® portfolio of products provides a sophisticated suite of PNT simulation and test tools ranging from cost-effective signal simulation capability using commercial Software Defined Radios (SDRs) to low-level modeling and simulation capability of satellite and receiver operation using a NAVSYS-developed MATLAB® Toolbox.


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NAVSYS headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

NAVSYS headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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