GNSS Signal Architect Product Suite Comparison


-- Different Tools For Different Needs --

Features GNSS Signal Architect Software GNSS Signal Architect Toolbox
MATLAB® Toolbox for simulating GPS scenarios and signals incudes software GPS receiver functions. X X
Includes Software GPS Receiver Functions X
Executable Simulation GPS Scenarios and Signals X X
Customized Scenario Generation Files Generated by NAVSYS X X
Configurable to Emulate Different GPS Chip Products X X
Customized GNSS Constellation Generation X X
Trajectory Generation from NMEA $GGA X X
C/A Code Simulation X X
GLONASS Simulation X X
P Code Simulation Option X* X*
Jammer Simulation Option X* X*
M’ Code Simulation Option X* X*
Generates Simulated GPS Sampled IF Data File X X
Software GPS Receiver Acquisition, Tracking, and Navigation X
MATLAB M-file Source Code X
GNSS Data Analysis Tools X
*Optional Upgrade

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