Our Research

NAVSYS develops positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) technology using a combination of Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) funding, internal research and development (IR&D) funding, and contracted R&D services.  NAVSYS provides development services and PNT software products based on our technologies to allow our customers to field advanced PNT solutions within their product lines.

NAVSYS has participated in the SBIR program since 1988 and has successfully commercialized technology from over 200 SBIR contracts.  We have been recognized for our success in the SBIR program by receiving the prestigious Tibbetts Award.

AF131-062 Network Assisted Military PNT Acquisition (NAMPA)

The NAMPA software is designed to run on tactical software defined radios (SDRs) and use network-assistance to implement cooperative signal acquisition algorithms that use shared data between network participants to speed direct P(Y) and direct M-code acquisition and improve the time to first fix and also the anti-jam performance.  An innovative network assisted “key-less” approach is used to allow operation without storing the GPS keys on the tactical radios.

NAMPA System Architecture

AF131-063 Distributed Networked Opportunistic Positioning (DiNO-Pos)

The Distributed Network Opportunistic Positioning (DiNO-Pos) positioning approach uses collaborative radio frequency (RF) signals collected through a network of software defined radios (SDRs) for autonomously identifying available and qualified signals of opportunity (SoOP) that can be used for navigation.  The DiNO-Pos solution was designed to leverage next generation tactical SDR capabilities being developed by DARPA that can map the RF environment (RadioMap) and collaborate through Wireless and Large Scale Distributed Operations (WALDO) networking. DiNO-Pos provides a collaborative backup PNT capability that will allow operations to continue in areas where GPS services are degraded, denied, or destroyed. 

DiNo-Pos System Architecture

DiNo-Pos System Architecture

AF141-122 GPS PNT Flexible Satellite Modulation

It is desired that next generation Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) flexible satellite should be able to broadcast high power military signals to provide improved anti-jam protection for military users and also provide flexibility in supporting multiple modern civil signals.  Under this project, NAVSYS is demonstrating a flexible digital signal modulation approach, termed FlexMod, which modulates large numbers of codes on a single carrier with flexible relative power levels while maintaining the constant envelope modulation output required by the GPS satellites.  This is being tested using a prototype Digital Waveform Generator (DWG), an advanced GPS constellation simulator and next generation GPS High Power Amplifiers (HPA).

Commercialization Success Stories


GPS Network Assisted Positioning

Under NAVAIR SBIR topic N03-182, NAVSYS developed an innovative GPS Network Assisted Positioning system (GPS-NAP) capable of fusing information from GPS, inertial, and MIDS PPLI sources to generate an integrated navigation solution.  It provides precise network time and TOA observations to an integrated GPS/inertial Kalman filter for enhanced, robust, position information.


Historical Examples