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GNSS Signal Architect Simulator Software

Create GPS or GLONASS Scenario Simulations

GNSS Signal Architect Simulator Software tool creates simulations of GPS or GLONASS based on static or dynamic scenarios. Users can specify a complete set of simulation parameters, including receiver/satellite profiles and delay/noise error modeling. Playing back the simulation as an RF signal provides accurate and repeatable signals for GNSS receiver testing.

Record and Playback GPS or GLONASS Signals

GNSS Signal Architect allows you to choose the Software Defined Radio (SDR) platform that fits your needs and budget. The software provides the right tools to integrate with GNU Radios for customizing the platform to your project requirements.

Armed with the capability to expand to multiple radios and full frequency spectrum, GNSS Signal Architect puts GNSS testing and simulation under your control.


For additional information on the GNSS Signal Architect Software Suite and all NAVSYS products, contact:

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