D3 - PNT Distribution Hub (GPS Source)

NAVSYS NavWarrior Technology Inside - D3 - PNT Distribution Hub developed by GPS Source

The PNT Hub software reads data out of a single DAGR or GB-GRAM output message, processes this data, and converts it to the subscriber's expected type allowing multiple subscribers to be supported from a single GPS device while maintaining full backwards compatibility for systems designed for operation with a dedicated DAGR or GB-GRAM SAASM or MGUE receiver through the standard IS-GPS-153 interface.

A DAGR or GB-GRAM unit can be configured to provide location/navigation information in selected units and with selected references, but only one operating mode can be selected at a time.  When supporting multiple subscribers from a single DAGR or GB-GRAM unit, one must provide information with each subscriber's expected units/references.  For some subscribers, message conversion will be necessary.

GPS Source- D3 - DAGR Distributed Device