NAVSYS Corporation to be Honored as 2007 Tibbetts Award Winner for Talon NAMATH Program Press Release, Oct. 8, 2007

NAVSYS Corporation to be Honored as 2007 Tibbetts Award Winner For Talon NAMATH Program

Colorado Springs, CO, October 8, 2007 – NAVSYS Corporation of Colorado Springs CO has been selected as a winner of the 2007 SBIR Tibbetts Awards. Dr. Alison Brown, President & CEO of NAVSYS, will receive the award on Oct. 10 at the award ceremony in Washington, D.C.

Named for Roland Tibbetts—the person acknowledged as the father of the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program—these prestigious, national awards are made annually to those small firms, projects, organizations, and individuals judged to exemplify the very best in SBIR achievement. NAVSYS Corporation is one of 55 companies in the U.S. to receive this award and was selected from over 4,000 companies that receive contracts and grants under the SBIR Program each year.

NAVSYS Corporation is receiving the Tibbetts Award in recognition for its development of the Talon NAMATH Program. NAVSYS had previously developed a system to generate and supply more precise GPS Ephemeris (PGE) data for use in critical military operations. The Talon NAMATH Program delivers that data directly to the warfighter in the field and is operational in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The delivered system was developed and fielded in less than a year, a remarkable accomplishment made possible by NAVSYS’ exceptional expertise in GPS and enterprise systems, the involvement of the military users, and the SBIR contract program. The system is widely recognized for its contribution to our warfighters because of its ability to increase the precision of GPS equipment without additional cost and impact to fielded systems. Greater GPS accuracy supplied to warfighters means smaller bombs, fewer sorties, less collateral damage, fewer losses, safer transit of minefields, safer landings, etc. In other words, it can be a very large force multiplier.

NAVSYS provides high-quality technical products and services in GPS hardware design, systems engineering, systems analysis, and software design. Founded in 1986 by Dr. Alison Brown, NAVSYS is dedicated to promoting the use of GPS in a wide variety of commercial and military applications. It offers services in three primary areas: GPS, Inertial Navigation Systems, and Communications Systems. For more information on NAVSYS Corporation, see

The complete list of winners can be found at Since its inception in 1995, SBTC ( has played a crucial role in promoting congressional legislation and federal regulations that aid small, technology-based companies—including re-authorization of the SBIR program.