NAVSYS' Talon NAMATH System Incorporated into CENTCOM for SDB Ops Press Release, Dec. 9, 2006

NAVSYS' Talon NAMATH System Incorporated into CENTCOM for SDB Ops

Colorado Springs, CO, December 9, 2006 – U.S. Central Command Air Forces officials have announced that NAVSYS Corporation's Talon NAMATH System has been incorporated into CENTCOM for small diameter bomb operations.

From CENTCOM's air power summary for December 9, 2006:

Theater space professionals are active in integrating new technologies to support the war on terrorism. Developers from the Space Innovation and Development Center at Schriever Air Force Base, Colo., Combined Air Operations Center space professionals and deployed F-15E aircrews successfully incorporated the Talon NAMATH GPS enhancement system into the theater operations to support the Air Force's newest precision weapon, the GBU-39 small diameter bomb. Talon NAMATH boosts the bomb's accuracy and reduces collateral damage to non-combatants.

Source: Air Force Link website, December 9, 2006.

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